Jury Boards of Communication for Future Awards 2018 Announced

Dated: July 15, 2017

Communication professionals from different countries around the world have now confirmed their participation to join the international Jury Boards for the 9th edition of the prestigious Communication for Future Awards’2018 (C4F Awards) which will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, next March.

The C4F awards recognize highly professional and globally remarkable communicators and organizations with a creative approach and unique vision of the future of communications. There are 23 nomination categories for the Awards, set into three divisions: Personal, Corporate and Start-Ups.

Sergey Zerev, President of CROS Public Relations and Public Affairs, Russia, is the new Chairman of the Jury for Corporate C4F Categories. Mr. Zverev says: “Now it is clear that those who win are one step ahead. They foresee future trends and are able to implement them in businesses, in order to gain leadership. Every year C4F Awards features projects and companies with unique vision and creative approach. I’m very glad to join the C4F Awards 2018 as the Chairman of the Jury for Corporate nominations and I hope we will discover bright ideas and talents for the future.”

Catherine Hernandez-Blades, Senior Vice-President of Corporate Communications at Aflac, Georgia, the USA, is the new Chairman of the Jury for Personal C4F Categories. Ms Blades says: "I am deeply honored and humbled to be selected as President of the Judging Jury for the individual awards. The C4F awards represent the very best of our industry from around the world. It is my privilege to serve this initiative."


Members of the Jury for Corporate C4F Categories are:

•             Sergey Zerev, President of CROS Public Relations and Public Affairs, Russia

•             Olga Bereslavskaya, Founder of Communications and Social Media Buro, Russia

•             Ganesh AC, Founder ACG Consulting, India

•             Eduardo Vieira, Founder and co-CEO of Groupo Ideal, Brazil

•             Gabor Hegyi, Managing Director of Capital Communications, Budapest

•             Maria Ashiqin, Founder of “Fearless”, Program Director of Yayasan Juwita, Malaysia.

•             Tatevik Simonyan, Co-Founder of Strategic PR Initiative group, Armenia

•             Galina Panina, PR Visionary and Public Speaking Coach, Russia

•             Solly Moeng, Managing Director, Don Valley, South Africa

•             Ann Weiss, Global Management Communications at SAP AG, Germany

•             Andrey Barannikov, CEO of SPN Communications agency, Russia


Members of the Jury for Personal C4F Categories are:

•             Catherine Hernandez-Blades, VP of CorpComs at Aflac, Georgia, the USA

•             Andrea Cornelli, Executive President and Partner of Ketchum, Italy

•             Flavio Oliviera, Global Communications & PR Manager at UBM, the Netherlands

•             Assel Kozhakova, Founder of Red Point, Khazakhstan

•             Kara Alaimo, Ph.D., Asst. Professor & Associate Chair, Department of Journalism and Media Studies, Hofstra University, the USA

•             Adebola Williams, Founder of Red Media Africa, Africa

For the last C4F edition, the Jury received 90 applications from 30 countries – 44 nominees got short-listed in 20 final categories: http://www.c4fdavosaward.com/Nominations/year/2017

"The C4F Award has its own uniqueness which combines a well-deserved appreciation for outstanding Communication Professionals and future Visionaries in the field of Communications. We strongly believe that communication, now more than ever, is the main driver of creating a prosperous future for the world. I am sure that C4F Awards 2018 is going to be much bigger and more Encouraging for the Communication Professionals all over the Globe !", said Yanina Dubeykovskaya, Founding Director of the C4F Awards.



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