Speed for quality content!

By: Shajan C Kumar             Dated: August 27, 2015

AIrtel 4G

Airtel has launched 4G with a challenge 'If your network is faster, we will pay your mobile bills for life.' The TV commercials made on this team is attracting the youngsters. So the business is on! And the impact of 4G wireless technologies on the content creation business is going to be enormous with a positive thrust on ‘quality' practices. The growing diversities of consumer experience will force the existing business models to fine-tune their focus to genuine creativity and innovations.

Content creators for print and online, TV broadcasters, film studios, and digital-media businesses that embrace 4G technology to connect with their audiences and partners will be able to service their target audiences with much more clarity and speed. It will be challenging for them as they have to deliver the best products in any form (text, image or video) with a quality tag to it.

The content supply chain with its increasing diversity of production and usage scenarios will continue to impact the media and entertainment industry. Mobile technologies make it possible to produce content in almost any location, under any circumstances, and stream it immediately to a network or satellite for broadcast distribution, or send a video file for post-production.

So when you are ready with the technology it is time to look at the content creation part. You need to have the best of best content creators who can think beyond the boundaries! Who are bold enough to experiment with innovations.

Developing manpower resource with the right kind of knowledge base and creative energy is not that easy. Especially in India! We are more into the ‘jugad' style, which will no more work effectively! The focus now has to go for skill development with an understanding of industry requirements.

The advances in high-quality, low-latency technologies such as 4G will significantly impact content distribution as coverage becomes more widespread. Consumers will start demanding an unprecedented pool of choices. They can receive an uninterrupted, high-quality content experience on every device.

Now you need to create web designs that adapts for different platforms, like tablets and mobiles. Customer loyalty can only be retained by offering them the best of services. If you are in the process of building your website, you have the luxury of timing to ensure its optimised for mobile. If you have an older website that a user has to scale to size manually on mobile, you cannot afford to wait. It only takes a second for the user to go elsewhere for a more pleasurable and efficient user experience taking their business with them.

Is heightened speed enough to help in expediting return on investment 4G? Everyone knows the answer. No. Though speed is the key factor of 4G networks everywhere, just speed will unlikely lead to higher returns. 4G is fast moving to the mainstream with many global content development projects. But even so the return on investment (ROI) is not guaranteed! It is only the ‘Quality' factor that will decide the success ratio! So no more compromises there!!

In the coming days, 4G platform will be demanding quality content with an extra touch of class. To fulfil this demand, the content providers will have to work hard. 




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