Print moving fashionably digital!

By: Amith Rahul             Dated: September 02, 2015

Fashion 101

The print media isn’t the king of the hills anymore with the digital media taking over the market in India. The digital media in India is seen experimenting on the content tastes of the younger generations. And Dainik Bhaskar Group has also joined the race with the launch of an exclusive fashion website. The launch of marked two firsts in the history of Indian fashion. It is the first multi-lingual fashion website in India. The portal is also the first one to bring together 14 of India’s best designers to create a panel to interact with readers, answer their queries and promote fresh talent. It is the first multi-lingual fashion website in India.

The website has tried to include most of the fashion world in to it. From Fashion Trends, Luxury Clothing, Blogs, Celebrity Fashion, Fashion News & Events, Launches, Fashion By Occasion, Beauty care tips, Top Designers and Designer Collections. There is a section on Fashion Design Courses and a Directory of fashion business houses which can become a good revenue model for the website. The website is also connected to social media networking platforms in a strong content path.

The content delivery is planned in a very simple way with less text included. The images plays a major role all along. This is a good decision. People visiting the website from hand held devices tend to read less. They mainly enjoy the visuals and then connect to the interactivity!

Fashion by Occasion section is doing a great job. Whom should working women take fashion tips from? From a successful working women, of course. And no one gets more successful than Nidhi Agarwal. She has worked across sectors, from enabling component sales for the Mangalyaan mission, to drafting market-entry strategies for telecom, alcohol manufacturing and medical devices companies. And now she’s got her hands into fashion. Here it is Nidhi Agarwal, Founder and CEO, Kaaryah giving you tips on how to dress for your workplace.

Style File section is catering the fashion trends of many celebrities. The Madhuri Magic: The ‘Dhak Dhak’ girl, who was once considered one of the top leading ladies of the era, single-handedly set the trend for wearing heavily embellished wedding outfits. From the iconic emerald green lehenga from the ‘Chane ke Khet Mein’ song in ‘Anjaam’, to the many attires she donned in the innumerable songs in ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’, Madhuri has spread stardust over all the weddings we have attended thus far.

The 101 News segment is intended to cover almost all of the fashion news. And the blogs section has Rachna Singh discussing your style game with Midi Rings. This season, Hansa Makhijani talks on 'Why your skincare products are not giving results' and Ritu Goyal Harish on 'What to wear on a trek up the mountains.

The 101 New Talent section is one place where the new generation budding fashion designers can use for their benefit. They can showcase their work of art and get a global attention. If you are a new brand or an upcoming talent do not miss this opportunity.

The Style Poll is fun! When I opted for Bracelets & Bangles as my answer to their question on What is my favorite accessory? I got this reply "You are a chatterbox and hate to keep quiet. You have a fairly large bunch of friends but only some are very close to you. You cant stop using your hands while you are talking and love it when people listen to you and laugh."

Overall this initiative of Dainik Bhasker group on an exclusive Fashion website will work well. To extent its USP they must think of launching an e-store soon.




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