Delhi Photo Festival 2015

By: Amith Rahul             Dated: September 07, 2015

Delhi Photo Festival 2015

This winter there are many stories waiting to be told at the Delhi Photo Festival, both of the people in front of the camera, and of the ones behind it. Delhi Photo enthusiasts will witness the Delhi Photography Festival 2015, an initiative of the Nazar Foundation to bring photographic art form into the public space.

This festival creates awareness of photographic arts and initiating interests amongst its many practitioners. The biennial Delhi Photo Festival is India’s first and biggest international photography festival. They get submissions from 24 countries with photographers expressing their views through their creative venture.

The first edition of Delhi Photo Festival was started in 2011, curated by Photographer Prashant Panjiar and Dinesh Khanna under the vision of Nazar Foundation.

Delhi Photography Festival 2015 has some of the biggest names from the country and the world joining them. Immensely intense works by Raghu Rai, one of the pioneers of Indian Photojournalism, Kishore Parekh’s seminal work on the Bangladesh War of 1971, a unique photobook exhibition curated by Austrian gallerist and photographer Regina Anzenberger, a one of a kind exploration of the medium by French photographer Oliver Culmann, Dutch photographer Rob Hornstra’s compelling documentation of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. And these are just the fives names of 40 exhibitors in store.

Delhi Photography Festival has never disappointed its fans. Each year they have come up with unique themes and submissions flowed in large quantity.

The DPF2015 will be held at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) from October 30 toNovember 8, 2015. This year’s theme is ASPIRE which means to seek, to attain or accomplish a goal. Though the meaning of the word is fairly simple, and noble, it is a complicated word to use today. In an era of globalization and interconnected worlds, ASPIRE has become the ‘buzz’ word seeking to define many of our intentions and actions, as individuals, as societies, as nations. Not all of these are noble because the flip side of aspiration is greed and excess

This year the program includes screening of digital exhibitions, films and multimedia. The festival will also host seminars, discussions, performances, live demonstrations and events which will help to spread the message and motive of the Delhi Photo Festival 2015. This festival will also give a grand opportunity to the photo enthusiasts to listen to their favorite photographer talk about their masterpiece.




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