Show CNN your India on Instagram

By: Amith Rahul             Dated: September 12, 2015

Show CNN your India on Instagram

CNN International’s Indian interest is obvious. They always wanted to cater to the Indian audience. And now their content crowd sourcing platform iReport has asked Indian reporters to share their best shots of India using the hashtag #MyIndiaCNN.

People will have time until Friday September 18 to upload their best shots. CNN will select and feature them on their website. And Indians are really enjoying it. Image count on Instagram with hashtag #MyIndiaCNN has surpassed 400 images already. To promote this campaign CNN have created some posters in Hindi and English to be posted on social media platforms.

“Indians have been practising katha -- the ancient art of storytelling -- for centuries, using song and humour to relay epic tales of folklore and religion. But as television and the internet replaces oral tradition, a new generation is using a more global, mobile platform to share their country's stories -- Instagram. The south Asian country ranks fourth as the world's top users of the photo sharing app, behind just the U.S., Russia and Brazil, according to web traffic data.” Wrote Sophie Eastaugh, on her exclusive story ‘The Indian Instagrammers you have to follow’.

On iReport, CNN invites people around the world to upload stories, photos and videos that they think deserve attention from a wider news audience. Everything that's posted receives a very visible "Not Verified for CNN" banner, and a team of moderators reviews the posted content and pulls material that is flagged by the community as in violation of iReport's Community Guidelines.

iReport receives, on average, 500 iReports a day, and a fraction of those are approved for CNN's non-user-generated networks and platforms, which involves fact-checking and verifying the details of a story. When a story is approved, the "Not Verified for CNN" bar disappears and is replaced by a red "CNN iReport" bug that lets the community know a story has been verified. Their producers also give iReport stories extra context, by adding producer notes with further details, CNN reporting, and additional quotes from the iReporter. The number of real, important and excellent iReports is far greater than deliberately untrue stories.




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