Advertising on Metro stations and trains are growing

By: Amith Rahul             Dated: September 16, 2015

Metro Train Ad

In today's Delhi, Metro is the most sought out medium of public transport which provides total comfort to its travelers. Every day lacs of people move from one destination to other through this mode of transportation. And for any media planner it has become crucial to include Metro stations and trains in their publicity campaigns. 

TDI International India has the exclusive rights for advertising on most of the Delhi Metro Stations and trains. TDI is the pioneer of organised airport advertising in India and has the largest network of outdoor advertising inventory in the country. Additionally, through TDI Media Services, TDI offers a full range of outdoor advertising solutions across all cities pan India. TDI also has a boutique internet and mobile advertising division, MAD, which provides innovative digital solutions to corporates across the country. TDI International India has been serving the OOH sector in India since 1986, being the first to bring advertising to the airports of India.

The stations and Metro trains offer multiple options for advertising in India. 73 Metro stations come under TDI for advertising, spread over the Red, Blue and Green lines of the wide Delhi Metro Network. Brands can enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free media with advertising on the Delhi Metro Network. They get an unique opportunity to tap huge cosmopolitan market of Delhi with the fast growing advertising medium. The advertisement is in front of them for at least 10-15 minutes which in return gives the brand a high recall value.

“DMRC is a vital part of TDI OOH solutions. Our endeavours in providing brands with high impact DMRC campaigns have been met with appreciation and support from various brands. We look forward to continue providing the same quality and commitment at all our locations,” says Hiyav Bajaj, MD of TDI.

Metro Train Ad

India Mart, an online market place for business, which rolled out the first metro ad wrap has already seen a spike in the business and its mobile app downloads have increased 10 times. The advertisers are provided with 190 km of operational network covering significant commercial and residential locations in the city.

UCO Bank has run a high impact advertising campaign on Delhi Metro. The campaign saw UCO Bank taking up spaces at the Shahdara, Kashmere Gate and Inderlok Metro stations. These are the 3 of the busiest metro stations among the 73 where TDI has exclusive advertising rights. The Outdoor Media still remains the most appropriate platform for creating the initial impact is because of its larger-than-life visual display. 

The Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising platform is the oldest form of Advertising. It started with the Greeks making wall posters out of papyrus (an early paper like material) to pitch their commercial and political messages. This can be noted as the first kind of the modern OOH Hoardings which we see today. Along the way, many other forms of advertising, most notably newspapers, TV, and radio, also made their presence felt. However, it is only with the boom of the internet and the formation of the platform of online advertising that OOH has a genuine opportunity of a mutually beneficial integration.The campaign reiterated the airport media’s success in being the most popular promotional platform for the automobile sector.




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