The International Student Animation Festival Chitrakatha is here again

By: Creative Brands Bureau | New Delhi             Dated: September 19, 2015


Chitrakatha is here yet again to bring together all the creative minds of the country. After the success of the previous editions, Chitrakatha’15 is to begin from 14th to 18th October 2015 at NID Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The biennial student animation festival from NID, celebrates the coming together of numerous creative minds that share a common dream: The celebration of original animation. Not only does the festival celebrate moving image but also word and image in the form of graphic narratives, comics and doodles and also the celebration of five senses of human kind! It’s a celebration of creative art. ‘Humanism’ is the motto. Re-use, Reduce and Recycle is the basis for Indian Animation's special ecosystem and it is something to be celebrated so it’s been incorporated it into the festival.

Chitrakatha is for the students, by the students and from the students. Works done only as a student is eligible to enter the festival. Chitrakatha now has enabled online submissions which will increase their number of participants.

In India, animation and comics came as tsunami like waves with the rise of the outsourcing global industry and surely created a huge hype about animation/graphic narrative in and from India. But unlike our already matured film industry both regional and national, Indian graphic storytelling largely remained infantile or under shallow influence of either Hollywood or Japanese Manga and Anime! So the challenge was to find an outlet or a platform to share our alternative stories with the other stakeholders to sustain, preserve and move on. The immediate plan that came to the organisers mind was to host a student animation festival from National Institute of Design to celebrate it’s multidisciplinary nature. In 2007 with a very small budget, Chitrakatha (means picture stories in some Indian languages) gathered different kind of storytellers, from cartoonists, comic book artists, writers, folk singers, scroll painters, musicians, dancers to many master animators and designers from India and beyond under the theme ‘Everything Original’. In 2009, the theme revolved around the heritage city of Ahmedabad and in 2011, the theme was ‘Back to Basic’. In Chitrakatha’13 they went back to the times of ancient civilizations. Chitrakatha remains a confluence of thought provoking activities initiated by creative minds from the field of animation and storytelling with India and the sub-continent as its main focus. For Chitrakatha, sustainability is the challenge; multidisciplinary approach is the key and digital affordability is the horsepower!

"National Institute of Design has always generated the scope for opportunities that integrate experiential and explorative learning in order to understand and achieve a high degree of creative innovation and quality. ‘Chitrakatha’– a biennale student animation festival that has been celebrating the Indian pictorial narrative since 2007 stands proof of that. Due to the sincere and collaborative effort made by Shri Sekhar Mukherjee and his talented team faculty,staff and students, today Chitrakatha is one of the most happening and creative student animation festival from India. Every edition of this festival has celebrated various causes and effects of animation storytelling from the world and has also reminded us time and again about the rich cultural heritage we are a part of. As animation emerges as a strong storytelling medium in our country, I am sure this 5th Edition will be as spirited and inspired like all the previous editions – bringing our trusted partners from all over the world and the NID community together to acknowledge the ‘NID Act’ as well as address the probable approaches in Animation education for the future. Over the years, this event has not only become a great networking forum for leading creative and design professionals from animation, films, broadcast print and advertising but also a platform that gives a global perspective to our students at NID." Pradyumna Vyas, Director, NID said.




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