The Craft Village to be launched soon

By: Creative Brands Bureau | Gurgaon             Dated: September 26, 2015

Craft Village is totally conceptualized and built on Rammed earth technology. Rammed earth is single lowest environmental impact building system that is readily and commercially available today for solid masonry buildings.

Craft village

The Craft Village is one stop destination, where creativity, innovation and knowledge would work for sustainable development. This October you will see the launch of The Craft Village, an innovative project by Iti Tyagi and Somesh Singh, Designers based in Gurgaon. Crafts & cultural products are consumed by millions of people all over the globe in form of luxury, still craftsmen in India face hand to mouth situation and are bound to leave their traditional work. Modern lifestyle has enabled comfort living yet vast repertoire of knowledge and wisdom that sustained and nurtured these communities are fast disappearing. There is urgent need to preserve and revitalize these crafts and contemporize them. This crafts village aims to build a unique set-up to revive traditional skills and techniques to make a sustainable living. An estimated 7 million artisans are engaged in craft production to earn a livelihood.

The Craft Village will work for up-liftment of craftsmen and offer creative program for students interested to learn Indian Crafts from the craftsmen itself. Internationally, most of the luxury hubs have very close association with Crafts of the country, be it Milan, Paris or London, craftsmanship is considered a rare attribute today internationally and objects of desire. Strangely, Indian crafts face strange dilemma as the most of artisan/craftsman face poverty or penury, Indian Crafts reflects true essence of timeless culture, heritage and ultimate luxury.

"Craft Village would give direct employment to 25-30 skilled, unskilled people at its center. It also aims to give direct employment to at least 50 women through craft programs at the center every year. Not only this, through its international and national craft programs for student, it would invite artisans for craft workshops at the center which would include free stay, remuneration, food and a direct interaction with students. This would come under indirect employment or work on freelance basis. We also aim to provide free one year education to 1 child of our direct employee from the 3rd year of its operation. This would be covered under CSR of Craft Village." Iti Tyagi explained.

Craft Village also offers in house residency facility for Designers and Artists from all across the world, who are wiling to work in an environment where there is enough to inspire and no limitation of resources. Nature is the biggest inspiration for any art lover, be it painting, pottery, sculpture, or textiles. One needs to have a desire to capture the pristine beauty and a passion to transform it into any medium of its choice. Craft Village provides Studio facility to artist, where they can come, stay, explore and deliver their creative side. State of art fully equipped creative studios with canvas, colours, potters wheel, Weaving unit, tie n dye unit, block printing unit, necessary materials will be provided to artists for all their creative needs. The Craft Village is situated at 19-B, Shivji Marg, Rangpuri, Delhi.




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