Ferrero Rocher in its new brand identity

Dated: October 07, 2015


Ferrero India, part of the Ferrero Group, has unveiled a new brand identity and packaging for its premium chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher. In an official statement, the company states that the visual identity, including logo design and packaging, aims to give a more up-to-date and appealing image to the brand.

The new brand descriptor, “the golden experience”, highlights the unique taste experience of Ferrero Rocher that engages all the senses and invites the consumer to savour and share more of life’s golden pleasure together.

The new packaging has a QR Code that allows consumers to learn more about the quality ingredients and the care that goes in making each Ferrero Rocher praline.

Emanuele Fiordalisi, Vice-President, Marketing, Ferrero India, said, “Over the years, Ferrero Rocher has been an integral part of consumer special occasion. The new look is an expression to enhance consumer experience and add a sparkling touch in their special moments.”

With an annual turnover of over US$ 11 billion, the company is the third largest manufacturer of chocolate and confectionery products in the world.

Ferrero India has its corporate office in Pune and is present across all the metros and mini-metros. Its other well-known brands in India include Kinder Joy, Kinder Schoko-Bons Crispy, Nutella and Tic Tac. The company started its commercial operations in 2004 and has made India its production hub for Asia and Middle East, and exports half its local production.




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