#Durga: Discover How She Became the Supreme Goddess

Dated: October 16, 2015


It's that time of the year again, when we are all set to welcome Maa Aadibhavani into our homes and lives. We celebrate her coming with all fervor and dance to the latest tunes, as a heartfelt tribute to the Divine Goddess, but do we really know who she was and the fact that she is the most powerful of the Gods that we worship.

After the huge success of #ForASister, #GoGreenSaveBlue and #WorldSmileDay - Muskaan, Postpickle has now come up with #Durga. It is an attempt to bring to public knowledge, the reason behind worshipping Maa Durga and celebrating Navratri. Most people do it because they have been asked to or because Garba nights are fun. With this initiative, Postpickle.com is taking the opportunity to enlighten the youth and help them celebrate, for and with the right reasons wrote PR Newswire.

#Durga: Discover How She Became the Supreme Goddess, was made with only one aim; to inform today's generation about the importance of Navratri and why it is celebrated. It is an attempt to bring to fore the real reason behind this electric festival and its importance in Hindu Religion.

According to our scriptures, Goddess Durga was conceived to bring the end of Devil Mahishasur. Given the rules that had to be followed to kill him, the 3 creators, Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh, had to conceive an eternal power, which far outweighed the strength and prowess of the blessed Asura and thus, was born Maa Durga.

Today, an idol of Maa Durga is made using the soil from the banks of river Ganga and it is mixed with the soil from a prostitute's house. This one ritual itself brings in so much respect to the different class of females that co-exist in our society; one is the much revered divine river and a goddess herself, while the latter is the most ill-treated female of our society. So, what does this signify? Equality with utter respect for the female form.

Durga Puja is our guideline to a life that is dedicated to Dharma and being fair and equal to everyone in the society. That is why, the 9 days of auspiciousness ends with Dusshera, by burning the effigy of Ravana or in today's time, the evils of our society. Postpickle.com has made this video to highlight the right reasons behind these 9 days and celebrate the festival, so as to bring in the most expected outcomes; end of personal and societal demons.

This Navratri, dance to your heart's delight but with the belief that Maa Durga will end all the demons and bring a balance of Dharma and Karma in your life.




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