Twitter launches its "polls service" worldwide

Dated: October 28, 2015


Microblogging site Twitter has launched its 'polls' service for its users across the world. The facility has been availed by many in the world and India. It’s a move that will once and for all remove the scourge that is ‘retweet if you agree, fav if you disagree’ tweets and give high-profile users and easy and quick way to gauge the opinions of their followers on any topic.

While the website is known to be a source and platform for public opinion, users had to earlier tweet questions and track tweets and replies, tally favourites, retweets and hashtag votes. But, now, the website allows for a question to be posted, along with options, and you can cast your secret vote. The current service allows for a two-choice poll that remains live for 24 hours.

It would seem an entirely useless feature for accounts with few followers, and is clearly geared at brands and celebrities on the platform.A few users in India including Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) and All India Bakchod (@AllIndiaBakchod), were quick to use the new feature and they created polls that gave rise to fun conversations, high engagement and interesting feedback.




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