The Future of News is Digital Video!

By: Shajan C Kumar             Dated: November 02, 2015

Hindus Times

Today's Hindustan Times has this recruitment ad 'The Future of News is Digital Video, Help us Build it'. Hindustan Times is building a video team that specialises in telling great stories, making sense of complex issues, and bringing the dynamism of India's news environment alive. If the idea of working for a 24x7 newsroom and juggling multiple platforms excites you, it is time to apply!

As we had already reported that Hindustan Times is going 'Digital First' very soon, it is very important to get quality people to join them. But this time, HT will not get people for peanuts! The young generation creative workforce is very clear about their salary and perks! They really demand! 

HT is looking for Producers, Visual Editors and Animators/Visualisers to join them. The Producers should be able to conceptualise and create original content that is optimised for the web and social platforms. The ideal candidate will be a sharp scriptwriter with a strong understanding of visual narrative and a keen news sense. Shooting or editing experience, familiarity with tools like Adobe Premier, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator is a plus. They would prefer candidates with three or more years of experience in a digital video environment, but if you have a strong reel from TV, film or advertising they may consider!

Video Editors should create tight, beautiful pieces for the web and social media. The ideal candidate will have a strong sense of the rhythms of digital video and an understanding of compact storytelling techniques. He or she will be able to create great packages from high-quality footages, cellphone videos and still pictures. Strong captioning and design capabilities or animation skills will be an advantage.

The Animators will have to work with HT reporters and editors to create simple, compelling explanations of current affairs questions to tight timelines. Candidates should be able to find and use archival material, still footages, illustration tools, stop-motion and other animation techniques to enrich visual journalism. They also need to be solid editors with an understanding of the rhythms of digital video in general and social media in particular.

Send your resume to if you are keen to work on this project. And I am sure it will be challenging!

Having said all these, I am sure that HT will not get many people to join them with the right blend of knowledge and skill sets that is required for producing quality news/features digital videos. It is because you need people who can use both sides of their brains (left and right)  to create good quality news/features digital videos. They are very rare in numbers! Journalism Institutes in India has just started training students in that direction. So you have to wait!

There is one solution to this problem! Hire talented young people from every field of studies just looking at their passion towards digital storytelling. Train them well in technology and creative thinking. Just a matter of two months! You will get wonderful results!




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