Telangana plans to create Digital Telangana Centres in 1000 Panchayats

Dated: November 24, 2015

Digital Telangana

The Telangana government has opened 'Digital Telangana Centres' managed by women in 100 panchayats across the state and plans to open such Centres in 1,000 others by January. These centres will make various facilities and services like citizen and government services, payments of social welfare, pensions and wages, available digitally.

Each Centre will be armed with PC’s, Laptops, Printers, Scanners and LED TVs. Rs 2.5Lakh for each Centre has been allocated. There are 8,750 gram panchayats in Telangana. Through the e-Panchayat all facilities/services will be made available digitally at the doorsteps of rural people. These include Citizen Services, Government services, payments of Social Welfare Pensions and wages. There is a plan to convert them into banking and insurance centres in the future.

The uniqueness of these Centres is that it will be managed by women, who are trained in using computers and software to operate the e-Panchayat programme.

"We have already trained 100 women and they have been working at 100 Centres since last month. We are assessing their performance and we will start imparting training to another 1,000 women in the next one-to-two months, who will manage the new Centres at 1,000 panchayats, proposed to be launched by January," said Telangana Information Technology (IT) Secretary Jayesh Ranjan.

"So, 8,750 women will be managing these 'Digital Telangana Centres'. They will become entrepreneurs. They will not only be providing a very valuable community service, but they will also be improving their sources of livelihood through user fees and other revenue streams," he added.




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