Nepal Blocks all Indian TV channels in protest to blockage of goods

Dated: November 30, 2015


Nepalese Cable TV operators have blocked all Indian channels "indefinitely" in protest against an unofficial "blockade of goods" into the country. The move comes after a former Maoist splinter party started a campaign against Indian movies and TV channels in Nepal.

In an event titled ‘Nation Ahead Series’, Indian Ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae was heard expressing grief on the growing anti-India sentiment. He said there are certain issues in some parts of Nepal that need to be addressed but we don’t have any views on what actually needs to be done. Rae referred these problems as political ones and also added that we want these problems to get resolved soon through dialogues and negotiations.

The president of the Nepal Cable Television Association said "black-out will be indefinite". Indian television channels are popular among viewers in Kathmandu and other cities in Nepal.

Party members claimed that they burnt the vehicle and smashed its window panes to protest India's blockade of road transport of supplies of food items and other commodities to Nepal.

"We had earlier warned not to ride Indian vehicles in Nepal, otherwise the angry people can do anything. Modi government did not take this issue seriously and that is why the people are angry. This anger will convert into a struggle. This will neither benefit India nor Modiji," said Khadga Bahadur Vishwakarma, spokesperson of Nepal Communist Party Maoist.




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