BMW i8 Spyder To Go Into Production

Dated: December 08, 2015

BMW i8

BMW has announced the i8 Spyder concept has been approved for production and will be on sale in the “near future”. The vehicle debuted in concept form over three years ago, but despite the coupe version having long since arrived in showrooms, the convertible has been nowhere to be seen. According to the latest reports from Germany, however, that's about to change.

BMW’s Harald Krueger recently confirmed to German publication Handelsblatt that BMW are planning to start making the BMW i8 Spyder, although no details on when this might happen have been revealed.

The prospect of open-air motoring under prodigious amounts of electric power sounds enticing, however we'll have to wait and see just what sort of roof mechanism the production model incorporates. The concept had removable roof panels, however the manufacturer tends to favor automatic roof setups – hardtops in the Z4 and 4 Series, or soft tops in the 2 Series and 6 Series.

Around the same time, BMW could introduce a power upgrade in the form of a larger internal combustion engine and a higher-capacity battery to go with it. A 2.0-liter turbo four is tipped to slot in where the current three-pot sits, bringing output up to a solid 450 hp – and with a longer range to boot. If those upgrades to arrive – with or independent of the open-roof version – expect them to be implemented on the coupe as well as the roadster. Manufacturers have to add extra bracing to make up for the lack of stiffness that comes with chopping the roof off the car, and some of the rumored extra power could offset any related, weight-induced performance penalty that comes from making the car into a convertible. The good news is the upgraded powertrain would probably go into the regular i8 as well.




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