Engaging Cross Platform Experience workshop to be held in Mumbai

Dated: January 06, 2016

As access to content is becoming more direct via article pages, coming from social media or search engines, these pages have to change. WAN-IFRA has announced the first workshop of 2016 ''Engaging Cross Platform Experience'' on 21 - 22 January 2015, Mumbai mainly targeting Publishers, Digital Editors, Designers, Online Product Managers, New Media Managers, Product Development Managers and all those in charge of launching new media devices. The workshop will cover main aspects like creation of dynamic websites, how to use content as marketing agent, journalistic SEO and creating content communities around content websites. The content products need to be built today from 3 separate perspectives: direct, social and search.

The first part of this workshop will deal with the homepage and the “direct traffic”. The main aspects covered during this session will be creating dynamic websites; integrating the iPad and the web content presentation paradigms and creating cross platform experiences.

The second part of the workshop will address the article pages and the “social” and “search” traffic. This session will focus on using content as a marketing agent; journalistic Search Engine Optimisation, creating content communities around content websites; and what’s next - answering the most important question of the user.

Grig Davidovitz, CEO of RGB Media, specialising in developing journalism in the New Media age is the trainer for the workshop. He has lead projects creating new and successful journalistic websites and content communities and others launching successful redesigns for existing websites. His areas of expertise are content strategy, news design and usability, building online communities, online revenue models and newsroom structure. His clients include newspapers and magazines in the US, Europe and Israel.




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