Aglaya to Release Wireless Electricity Transmission for Defence and Intelligence Deployment at the Indian DefExpo 2016

Dated: March 10, 2016

Aglaya, an Indian Defence Company's Research and Development unit has made a breakthrough in delivering electricity, "Over the Air", dubbed, WET (Wireless Electricity Transmission). This technology promises to charge devices with power requirements of devices between the range of 3 -12 Volts under any weather conditions.

WET transmits electricity over large distances with lab tests confirming range of 5 Kms without wires to charge devices connected to a receiving station. This station converts incoming signals to to electricity and passes this current to a USB output, enabling of Commercial devices such as Car Batteries, High Gain Satellite and communication devices/phones, Military strength power banks and Mobile devices such as iDevices and Android Devices.

WET has been in testing for the last three years and is deemed safe to Humans, Plants and/or Foods items in the transmission or receiving area. Post extensive trials this technology is now being released to the Military and defence market in India.

Dr. Ankur Srivastava (hc), founder of Aglaya, outlined the many use cases for a technology which enables charging of a device over a large distance such as a Car or a communication device without connecting to a wall socket. For e.g. a Hybrid car or a Communication device can be operated indefinitely since electricity is transmitted wirelessly for unhampered solution in any weather. This enables a Hybrid Vehicle to operate within or outside borders without depending on traditional fossil fuel sources in battle or rescue operations.

Wireless charging device have been in the public limelight for a quite a few years, but this breakthrough enables charging of Military Style devices and commercial devices such as Mobile Phones and Tablets without restrictions such as that of placing them on a special mat or wires. WET works on any USB input device which are available on all commercial portable devices.

Aglaya is currently looking for outside funding to create a City Wide WET station that can power devices remotely for Military, Law Enforcement and for critical infrastructure as a Tactical and fixed structures. Tactical structures enable safe electrical grid support after a natural disaster or facilitate quick setup of electrical infrastructure in rural areas.   



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