E-commerce Brands Will Drive Diversification in Digital Media Channels

Dated: March 22, 2016

"The online advertising market in India is evolving rapidly, and mature e-commerce companies realize they have a pressing need to diversify their digital media channels. These companies have already extensively utilized bottom-of-the-funnel tactics to reach consumers. Their focus has now turned to increasing their pool of new users, while also seeking ways to increase re-engagement among their existing customers," said Senthil Govindan, CEO Datawrkz. "Display advertising is a relatively untapped tool in India because most e-commerce firms used to leverage affiliate marketing to drive low CPAs. As the spotlight now turns to higher quality of visitors to their websites, we are seeing large e-commerce companies spearhead the adoption of display advertising."

Programmatic buying is fundamentally about using data at scale to precisely target online audiences. It thus becomes important to have a clear vision of the audience before running any campaign to better target the intended audience. Vizibl, developed by Datawrkz, is an online advertising platform with programmatic buying capabilities that are offered in both a self-serve and managed services mode. The platform includes capabilities to drive new user acquisition campaigns as well as retargeting campaigns. Vizibl provides advertisers the visibility needed to help them in manual/automated optimization for driving new users in the funnel and then lead them deeper in the funnel.

"2016 is an exciting year for programmatic in India. With over a third of the country connected digitally, we are at an inflection point," said Anand Prakash, COO, Datawrkz. "There is a growing pool of resources who understand how to leverage programmatic and deliver results. Our proprietary tool Vizibl has already delivered benefits such as 90% new customers, a conversion rate of 5% and less than 40% bounce rate to leading e-commerce brands."




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