MEC Launches Specialist Content Division Wavemaker In India

Dated: April 08, 2016

MEC India, a leading media agency has launched its specialist content offering - Wavemaker. MEC Wavemaker is a unique content offering, which will bring together for the first time; content strategy, social, partnerships and experiences, SEO and creative services expertise in one place at scale.

MEC Wavemaker will have a global team of over 750 talented people. In India, it will be led by Kumar Deb Sinha, who will report to MEC South Asia managing director T Gangadhar. Sinha has experience of over 13 years in content marketing and branded content solutions for brands.

Commenting on the launch of the unique content offering by MEC, Gangadhar says, "Our creative restlessness is embodied in our philosophy -- 'Don't Just Live, Thrive'. For us, an idea is brilliant if, and only if, the right audience responds to it and behaves in ways that lead to the right outcome for our clients. Wavemaker is not an agency, but a specialist content solution provider. MEC takes pride in its efforts to build winning brands to drive their business growth."

Kumar Deb Sinha, said, “In my experience, clients today realize that effective content can make a big difference to their business, but they struggle to know exactly what type of content is right for them and the right partner to guide them. Our objective is to help them see the role content can play in their customer’s lives which will have a direct impact on brand performance. It will give them the confidence to invest in content knowing clearly how it is taking their brand forward. We will bring together all the resources that client needs to create content designed specifically to achieve measurable business goals. MEC Wavemaker will, thus, allow brands to look at “content” in a different way as it gives a powerful and commercial role in transforming brand performance.”

The objective of MEC Wavemaker is to improve a brand’s performance by embedding content into the consumer purchase journey, driving maximum exposure through optimum distribution and finally measuring effectiveness of content through the lens of clients’ business goal.




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