"The consumer of today, is always on the look out for a premium brand experience"

By: Amith Rahul             Dated: April 18, 2016

ORRA, India’s premier diamond jewellery brand has recently been featured as a case study by search engine giant Google, in India. The video feature showcases how ORRA as a brand has been able to successfully capitalize on the digital medium to increase sales as well as spread their essence of luxury to the online world. Other brands that have been featured by Google as part of their case studies in the past include Dabur, Pepsi, Kellogg’s and MTS. 

Having successfully built its on ground presence with 34 retail stores across 25 cities, ORRA today has been able to truly establish its omni channel presence allowing for dedicated attention towards the changing preferences of the digital audience in India.

With digital technology transforming not only the perceptions and expectations of the consumer but also the supply dynamics, going forward, ORRA aims to further capitalize on effective integration in the online space through omni-channel marketing.

Before being at the helm of ORRA, Mr. Vijay Jain (CEO and Founder Director of ORRA) has had a decade of exposure in areas such as Advisory, M&A and investment banking across diverse industries. His repertoire of work spans several leading investment banks that include Kotak Mahindra, Peregrine, SSKI and Rabo Bank. He has been an advisor across different verticals such as Luxury goods, Retail, Beverages, Conglomerates, Media, Internet, and Infrastructure including Power. Currently he is on the advisory board of a social media company. In the retail sector he has advised several companies such as Café Coffee Day, Barista, Crossword, etc.

ORRA has won accolades along its journey with being awarded the Best Jewellery Chain, Most Innovative Jeweller amongst others, and most importantly the confidence of consumers. It has most recently also won the prestigious award for the Best Earring Jewellery Design of the year at the National Jewellery Awards 2016. Mr. Jain has earned a master’s degree in management from S.P. Jain Institute of Management, completed his bachelors from Sri Ram College, Delhi and his schooling from St. Paul’s, Darjeeling.


1.  What sets ORRA apart from the rest of Jewelry manufacturers in India?

In the current jewellery market of which 85% is dominated by gold jewellery, ORRA has created a niche for itself with its diamond centric positioning. Diamonds already account for more than 50% of our sales. We have understood the changing perception of the consumer at every level and when it comes to diamonds, we have moved beyond just looking at the 4c’s (which is an industry norm) to focus on brilliance in our product (which is a consumer insight).

In addition to this positioning, ORRA has always given high impetus to design and innovation with 5 global design centres in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Antwerp, Mumbai and New York which sets us apart from the rest. Our designers have won several prestigious awards like the De Beers International Award (DIA). ORRA has also won awards from the National Jewellers Association, Retail Jewellery Awards, and PGI amongst several others.

The consumer of today, is always on the look out for a premium brand experience and that is exactly what we strive to provide them with when it comes to jewellery. Apart from the product itself, we aim to enhance this experience from the moment one walks into our stores which have been modeled on the lines of international store formats, while retaining the warmth of Indian hospitality. Equipped with all the embellishments required to select the piece that was crafted just for you, these boutiques have today become the ultimate destination for the choicest jewellery in the country winning awards for their appeal.



2. How important was the digital technology in ORRA’s journey?

ORRA’s digital journey began with the seeding of an idea that incorporated many changes along the way.

Today, the consumer is already present across different mediums as well as social media channels and therefore omni channel marketing has become a very important aspect for growing and improving one’s business. One in three consumers are simultaneously on their cell phones while watching television while one in four Indians are already online and accessing multiple channels. Even when customers walk into stores, they are checking their phones for price comparisons, details on products as well as variety and other options. In a category like ours, where word-of-mouth is critical, social media is playing an increasingly important role. Our focus therefore has been on making “one view of the customer”, “one view of stock” and one similar experience unified across different channels.


3. How important do you think is Digital Advertising in India? Do you feel the difference?

Digital advertising is definitely gained a lot of importance in India today. We can feel the difference from the fact of how the concept of “discovery” has changed. While the traditional place of “discovery” used to be the store, word of mouth and advertising, today this has shifted to the social and digital medium. Our key focus has therefore, been to build a stronger connect with the consumer through an omni-channel presence.

With a country like India being a diverse market by itself, each market sees a different set of preferences. In such a case, digital advertising has helped with generic communication, diversity of languages and strategic targeting of products at different locations.

We believe that ORRA is at a unique advantage given our strong offline presence with 34 stores across 25 cities and a strong online presence.


4. How did you bring up Google along in your journey? Can you explain?

The inflexion point came about at the Google CMO Boot Camp, a two day intensive program which helped us further realize the magnitude of change in the internet space. It also gave us an opportunity to meet and exchange several ideas with the senior management level at Google allowing us to translate this into an executionable idea.


5. Do you think your online sales have been affected in any way with the digitization?

Yes, we have seen a huge jump in the month on month online sales through a strong digital presence. The biggest advantage has been the discovery of ORRA by consumers online.

We have been able to extend our reach to new markets where we did not have an offline presence. In addition to being able to attract new customers in new markets, we have also been able to attract new customers in existing markets as well as bring back older customers.

By being able to showcase our products to a larger audience we have also been able to get a broader understanding of the changing tastes and preferences of the consumer. Such an exploration has definitely helped us witness double digit growth.


6. How well do you think digital advertising is affecting your market presence?

We have witnessed a positive growth in certain markets through our digital presence alone. This year we have also release a special digital video exclusively for the online space moving beyond television ads.


7. What has been the impact of digitization on your offline stores? 

Today, with the consumer already being present across different mediums as well as social media at ORRA, our focus is on providing the consumer with design, quality and experience. Within the category of jewellery, consumers are still look at experiencing the product before making a purchase and conduct their fair share of research online. A stronger online presence has therefore allowed us to expand the experience of the consumer online before they walk into our physical stores.

Our focus therefore has been on making “one view of the customer”, “one view of stock” and one similar experience unified across different channels. With the option of in-store delivery of the products that are available online, we aim to unify the experience of the product in the online and offline worlds thereby striving for a seamless consumer experience.





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