Yet Another English Newspaper From The Vernacular Group

By: Amith Rahul             Dated: May 30, 2016

Print Media is on the verge of losing its grip over the circulation market due to the modern advancements in technology.  Not like the earlier times when the only source of news were the radio or newspaper, the generation now has access to news and information at their finger tips. With media organizations advancing along with technology by providing news ‘applications’ to access information. The younger generations have lost the touch of newspapers or the print media. Each day in India there is a new media organization coming up, tightening the competition. And in the race to be the best, the ancient print media is falling back. Reports state that the readership of print media has fallen drastically with the coming of easy-to-use news applications for mobiles. Mobiles and laptops with internet connections have taken over the ‘early morning newspaper habit’. The readers now prefer applications over the hard copy of newspaper. “Earlier I had no time to go through the newspapers because of my tight working schedule. I fell short in knowing the happenings around the world. But with the newspaper applications provided by the media organizations, I can go through the news on-the-go saving a lot of time.” said Sanchit Singh, Student of Advertising and Public Relations, IIMC, New Delhi.

Amidst the declining readership of newspapers, Dainik Bhaskar has mysteriously launched their English newspaper ‘DB Post’. Being the second largest vernacular newspaper in the country, Dainik Bhaskar group has plans to change the face of the Indian print market. The preparations were up long before. They started by launching their English news website Dainik Bhaskar is known for its strong marketing strategies, the launch of the English daily is also considered to be one of them. 

With DB Post starting to give competition to big names of the print media, DB aims to make its place in the market, acquire more readers, influence and seek joint advertisements for both the languages.

With Bhaskar Group replenishing the English newspaper market with its DB post. The print media hopes to fight the largely advancing technology. We still can expect print media around at least for the coming 10 15 years. And in the digital field where it is always a one-touch response.  It is easy to access news in the digital platform, its that tough to create a brand value for an organization. There are a million news application in the digital. But only a few grabs the market attention. Many digitally inclined media entrants are finding that the cost and challenge of building a digital brand outweighs that of buying a well-established print media brand and then leveraging its digital dividend.

Dainik Bhaskar has 64 editions across four newspapers — Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi), Divya Bhaskar (Gujarati), Divya Marathi (Marathi) and Business Bhaskar (Hindi). Dainik Bhaskhar has an average readership of 14.6 million. Apart from its stronghold in print, it also runs 94.3 My FM with 17 stations.



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