Indian Fashion to experience Handloom Denim now

By: Amith Rahul             Dated: July 01, 2016

The Handloom Denim - an eco-friendly and sustainable - variety of denim, produced using ethical and sustainable material and methods is getting attention of the Indian Fashion Designers.

The Handloom Denim - an eco-friendly and sustainable - variety of denim, produced using ethical and sustainable material and methods is getting attention of the Indian Fashion Designers. The Handloom Denim Initiative by Denim Club is a step in the direction of sustainable clothing, which has made available an innovative product line which has all these years lived only in the imagination of fashion designers. This initiative by Denim Club is a step towards preserving the Indian culture and helping the weavers in keeping alive their traditional skill and craft and ensuring their livelihoods. The handloom denim developed by Denim Club has a very low, almost negligible, carbon foot print.

The entire process of making fabric from yarn is hand-based, involving hank dyeing, hand sizing, hand reeling, hand warping and hand weaving. The handloom denim is made out of 100% cotton yarn, and is offered in two basic varieties, based on the type of yarn used for producing fabric, one being handloom denim made out of mill-made yarn, and the other being made using hand-spun yarn. The handloom denim fabric made out of hand-spun yarn is called "khadi-denim".

The handloom denim fabric offered by Denim Club is woven on the traditional hand-operated looms, and has all the characteristics of hand-woven fabric. It comes with a very soft hand-feel and the high breathability makes it very comfortable to wear. The fabric comes with the much sought after "clean edge" or selevedge, which is formed on shuttle-looms when the single continuous cross-thread (weft) returns from the edge of the fabric. The "selvedge denim" produced on the handlooms is undoubtedly the perfect material for exclusive, vintage category jeans and jackets.

The handloom denim offered by Denim Club also distinguishes itself by being 100% chemical free. The colour used for dyeing the warp yarns is extracted from natural sources, like, the leaves of a eucalyptus tree, and pomegranate rind. The extraction of colour from these sources, and also the dyeing of yarn, is done at normal temperature. The coloured fabric, thus, is completely free of hazardous chemicals, and is safe for the human skin.

Khadi / Hand-loom denim can be used or a wide variety of dresses, accessories and home furnishing products - allowing the designers to let their imagination fly and do things which are just impossible to do with the regular industrial denim.

If one is looking for some limited edition, unique, hand-made selvedge denim fabrics, garments, or made-ups, is the best place that offers a complete range of environment-friendly, socially responsible products, each one of these being a collector’s item, which are exclusively available online or, at their design studio in New Delhi.

Their range of products includes handloom and khadi denim fabric, apparel - jeans, jackets, dresses - made from handloom and khadi denim, and various made-ups, like cushion covers, bags, wall hangings, etcetras, made from handloom and khadi denim.

"We are committed to making a difference, one artisan at a time, by helping the impoverished weavers who have been out of work due to decline in demand for their products. Any and each product purchased from us helps the artisans we work with to develop a sustainable income for themselves, their families and their communities." said Rajesh Dudeja.

The complete range of unmatched offerings here is a result of our holistic approach that takes into account the entire life cycle of an apparel, from its carbon footprint to the livelihood of the workers who made it. We invite you to check out the process and story pages on the website, to become familiar with the way we do our things.



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