Sony Pictures Networks India launches HD English movie channel

Dated: August 24, 2016

Sony Pictures Network India has announced the launch of their premium English Movie High Definition channel called Sony Le PLEX HD. The channel went live yesterday with a proposition to serve audiences who seek entertainment beyond mainstream Hollywood movies.

According to the channel, movies have traditionally been conversation starters and with the advent of Social Media they have become an important common ground for people to connect and engage. Sony Le PLEX HD will be a premium hangout for movie lovers to connect over great movies. The channel will be catering to a varied set of audiences owing to its diverse range of movies.

Sony Le PLEX boasts of 400 plus movie titles that include 200 award winning movies with over 500 awards to their name. In their Le Premiere slot, Sony Le PLEX HD will showcase Indian Television Premieres of movies like Spotlight, Ex Machina, Foxcatcher and Straight Outta Compton, amongst others. The Magicians slot will showcase the movies and the magic that happens behind the camera of critically acclaimed movies such as The Inglourious Basterds, Schindler's List, Taxi Driver, Gladiator, Philadelphia and many more.

Saurabh Yagnik, EVP and Business Head, English Cluster, Sony Pictures Networks India said, "The growth of Hollywood cinema in India has resulted in segmentation of audiences into two distinct categories. One, being the mainstream cinema offering action and special effects movies, while the other is the non-mainstream cinema that focuses on the storyline, plot and the acclaim of the movie. The market for non-mainstream cinema is currently underserved in our country and Sony Le PLEX HD aims to cater and own this segment. The channel will not only showcase critically acclaimed films but also build an ambience around them in a way that enables great conversations and will help create a common ground for people to build a community of quality movie lovers."

The channel has partnered with the Writer and Director, Zoya Akhtar for the launch of the channel. With a common passion for great cinema and storytelling Sony Le PLEX HD and Zoya Akhtar will together create a community of quality cinema lovers. As the community ambassador for the channel, her role will be to reach out to all movie lovers and build a tribe that appreciates good cinema. She will also be seen actively engaging with movie buffs across various social media platforms owned by the channel.

Akhtar commented, "Great movies and great storytelling is what I constantly chase and this is exactly what Sony Le PLEX HD has to offer. It's that perfect space where movie lovers, including me, can interact with each other over their favourite Hollywood movies. Sony Le PLEX HD has an exhaustive list of quality and acclaimed films and the top three that come to my mind are Foxcatcher - which is awesome, Spotlight which is an academy award winner and Ex Machina. The channel is not just about showcasing great movies but will also create a community of movie lovers who will drive great conversations around movies. I am glad to be the Community Ambassador for Sony Le PLEX HD and co-create this community of people like me who simply love watching good movies. It is indeed the perfect hangout for all movie lovers."



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