Grace Villa: Thriller short film goes viral

By: Amith Rahul             Dated: November 01, 2016

The short film Grace Villa, directed by Binoy Raveendran, proves again that the industry definitely has a bunch of talented filmmakers in its folds. Based on the short story The right kind of house by Henry Slesar it is going viral on YouTube!

This short film, just under 15 minutes is done in a professional way. All the components from the casting to the post production has been taken care well to achieve near perfection.

The story line of this short film is about a bafflingly priced Villa and a stubborn owner waiting for a unique buyer. Parvathi T and Rajesh Hebbar played these rolls well. Many of the shots takes you to the possible mix of complexities of life situations. Sour relationship of a mother and son. The murder and police investigations! And the long wait for the revenge!

Kochu Preman's real estate broker and Babu Annur's sub inspector weaves the story tight to the climax. Even Saritha Sreejith's typist is making an impact. Bahul Ramesh's DOP is fitting the story line. Frames are measured to fit the tempo of the narration.

With the 4G and Jio looking for quality content to enhance their product lines, it is time to develop more short films like this. Short films do really require the seriousness it deserves. More professionals should get in to this area of entertainment media.



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