Newndra Innovations Among Top 10 Promising Start-ups of the Year

Dated: January 28, 2017

Newndra Innovations of Jaipur received 'Top 10 Promising Start-up of Year Award' by leading Industry body CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) among 10 other promising start-ups of the country for the year during CII Indusial Innovations Awards 2016. CII has recognized 10 promising start-ups from all over India. This year, in the start-up category, over 100 entries were received from various sectors across India. Out of these 59 were shortlisted in the initial phase, from which the prominent Jury selected the Top 10 promising start-ups in various categories viz., Best Manufacturing Start-up, Best Service Start-up and a Grand Winner. Newndra Innovations was presented with this award at The Lalit Hotel, Mumbai organized by CII.

With more than 7 national and international patents, JaipurBelt™ is flagship product of Newndra Innovations. JaipurBelt™ is an unpowered, lightweight, efficient and affordable exoskeleton to assist manual workers, mentioned Mr. Ganesh Ram Jangir, CEO of Newndra Innovations.

More than 65% population of the world is engaged in manual work. 90% of their activities involve frequent or continuous bending, which are resulting in spinal and back problems. Many labourers and farmers use alcohol as a painkiller. This had worst effects on their health, economic and social status. Painkillers can be a suppression but not the solution. Surgery of the spine is complex and can have severe side effects in addition to longer recovery times. What exactly requires is to minimize the load from the spine while allowing all natural and mutability tasks. That is what JaipurBelt™ does.

Dr. Anil Jain, Head and Chief Consultant of Dr. P. K. Sethi Rehabilitation Centre of Santokhba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital (SDMH), mentioned that the belt is evaluated with EMG (Electromyography) tests and can share the load from spinal and abdominal muscles up to 50 percent. It is equally useful for the patients of spondylitis, kyphosis and slip disk. JaipurBelt™ can be used as a precautionary measure as well as for post-surgery treatments.

Dr. Aalok Pandya, Mentor and Technical Advisor of Newndra Innovations said, "JaipurBelt™ is a ray of hope for the millions of workers to overcome drudgery and physical pain. We are equally taking the devices to different sector. As the market matures, the demand for JaipurBelt™ products is also soaring across the vast population of India including metros and small towns. The problem is equally severe in developed and developing countries."

JaipurBelt™ is also awarded 'India Today's Trail Blazer Award 2016' by TV Today Group and 'Top 5 Inclusive Innovations Award 2015' by Indian Merchant Chamber (IMC).

Newndra Innovations was among the top three recipients of Indo-US Science and Technology Endowment Fund (IUSSTEF) Award 2015. Mr. Ganesh Ram Jangir, CEO of Newndra Innovations was invited to USA sponsored Global Entrepreneurs Summit held at Nairobi Kenya. With a range of innovations, Newndra Innovations is now aiming to change lives of millions across the Globe. Newndra is actively looking for global collaboration, funding and portfolio investment.



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