Kingston Technologies takes a ‘user-friendly’ approach in their new campaign #kingstonkasecureUSB

Dated: March 16, 2017

Six Inches Communications, creative agency and part of the networkone group - a worldwide network of leading independent agencies, launches thecampaign for world leader in manufacturing memory products, Kingston TechnologyCorporation for their latest creation, password protected memory products.

The campaign coined #kingstonkasecureUSB is an amalgamation of 3 movies that have been launched on Facebook aimed at attracting 5 million views per video. The elements of humor and Bollywood twists incorporated in these movies instill a sense of familiarity and make a more relatable connect with the audience.

While password secure memory storing devices have existed before, the main users were business professionals and corporates. With this movie campaign, Kingston wants to spread the message that this product can also be used by the general public and anybody who prefers keeping their data private and secure. To create the idea that thisproduct is attainable and very user friendly, Six Inch Communications chose to use a wide platform like Facebook that can reach out to mass audiences instantly.

The three films are reminiscent of the drama, thrill and humour that Bollywood provides audiences with, therefore engaging future consumers on a personal level by emphasizing the importance of securing personal data. Kingston India is using video content to promote locally in India. They have a following of about 200K on Facebook alone. Studies show that using Facebook as medium is a good idea to launch a product because videos posted to FB get more views than on other platforms.

 The campaign has been launched on Facebook on three consecutive days using 3 ad films which are humorous in nature. The movies; Thakur directed by Ganesh ShettyTeja and Bheja (The Scientist) directed by Barun Kashyap and Mrs. Arora directed by Nishank Verma were all done by ClickonRM production house. The aim to target as many as 5M viewers per movie was with the sole purpose of reaching out to as many people as possible through the storytelling nature of the movies which connect to people on a personal level.

Campaign Synopsis: The first film Thakur, takes place in Rajasthan and is about the highly trusted and kind hearted head of a village. Will he set himself free and ruin the future of the village by giving into the demands of the bad man, or will he come up with something even the villain’s laptop cannot crack? The second film Mrs. Arora is about a young, attractive and wealthy woman whose greed knows no bounds. Her marriage to a rich man was driven by boundless greed. Much to her dismay- her marriage ends in kadak security. The third film Teja and Bheja (The Scientist)  is about Teja who is a scientist himself  and  his secret - kadak security saved his formulas from getting stolen by his evil twin Beja.

“My brief to Six Inches was to create an interesting communication for our target group to understand secured drives better. While other media vehicles do reach the audience, videos give us the power of storytelling and capturing more eye balls. I am glad these ideas were perfectly executed and received a super response. All the 3 films have a different flavor and deliver on our objective.” said Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director Kingston Technology.

“While the current trends of brand mentions and recall with emotive videos doing well for brands, it comes with its own challenges of viewers not going beyond 8 seconds, in 2015 it was 12 seconds, so there is a drop in the attention span by 4 seconds. But at the core we all love stories and would be keen to absorb a story if narrated well and moreover if started well. Our 3 films engage the audience well and each one has a dramatic end. We are sure that these will help increased WOM for the brand” Pravin Shah, Chief Creative Officer, Six Inches.

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